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For those Frederictonians wondering where they could get their weekly fix of authentic and delicious Greek street food, thankfully Fredericton's newest Northside Market has the answer: Street Greek.

Renna Eliakis has been chopping, skewering, marinating, grilling and serving her way into the hearts and stomachs of family, friends and customers for years.  Since taking her first job as a bus-girl at a local Greek restaurant, to working at her family's Souvlaki and Donair establishment from a young age.

Renna knows her way around a kitchen.  Born first generation Canadian, Renna's Greek roots have led to a lifelong love of food, as well as a true appreciation for the ties that a great meal can bind.  Her latest project, is continuing a family tradition and tempting the taste buds of a new clientelle base with her authentic Greek street food.  Ask about her 'Street Greek Done Right' for a true taste of how things are served overseas on the streets of Greece.

Souvlaki and Gyro (referred to locally as donair) are undeniably the original and signature street food of Greece. These pita sandwiches found on every street corner have remained a mainstay in Greek food culture. Traditionally served as grilled meat wrapped in a soft pita, accompanied by the must-have Tzatziki sauce, fresh vegetables and stuffed with crispy fries, you can now find this mouth-watering tempatation at Street Greek on Fredericton's Northside.

At the Northside Market,
Every Saturday thru Sunday

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